"My Nana started doing the movies at the Matlock Community Club in the late 50's and my Mom grew up (summertime that is), out there. They started visiting a few cottages for rent and loved it so much that they bought one. We have so many great memories stored inside our hearts forever. Here, on the "Memories" page, there in photos provided by Mrs. Miller, is my Mom at the age of 10ish and looking so cute in her braids. I have to say it brought a tear, it is now 12 years May long weekend that she passed away. 
As the time goes by it comes in waves of memories so good and bad at times, then those ones that fill you up so you float are the ones from the cottage.
The Community Club I see has the Costume Hops still, that is what we called them and we entered pretty much all the time."
  • Submitted by Lora Lynn Malloy

Water Safety Course at the Dunnottar Community Club - Year??
Thanks to Donna Miller for these photos!

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