We have completed the 2013 Capital Campaign Fundraiser, but donations are always welcome and put to very good use.  If you or anyone you know is interested in making a donation, please contact the staff or a board member.

Over the past few years, the DCC has benefited greatly from our major renovation projects such as our new kitchen, washrooms and exterior foundation.  Now that these projects have been completed, we will continue to focus on various smaller projects inside and outside of the DCC including the upkeep of the Club grounds.  We also plan to invest in new sports equipment in order to offer new games and group sports activities for our program.  We are very appreciative of the continued efforts and support of the Village, which has enabled all of the major investments and work at the DCC.

  The DCC is pleased to provide a one of a kind summer program that brings our children and community members together within a wonderful community setting.  Over the years, this program has only been possible with the active support of our community members, including those volunteers that have offered to instruct special events such as our popular Tye Dye, jewelry making, scrapbooking, papermaking, juggling, dance and yoga events.  We encourage community members with a special talent or hobby to consider sharing their passion by leading one of our craft or sporting events.  The community’s ongoing feedback on our program has enabled us to offer those recreational activities that our families and members have grown to love – so we greatly encourage your feedback and / or suggestions for the upcoming year to help us once again offer and deliver a great program.  You can also follow us on Facebook at

  We successfully raised enough money with the 2013 Capital Campaign to build a solid new foundation for our historic Community Club building.  
Phase 2 of the project was completed in the  summer & fall of 2013. The bathrooms and the kitchen renovations are all done and look great.   Also, check out the new paint job!

The Board of the DCC and the Village of Dunnottar wish to thank our donors for their contributions.

The permanent wall display is now installed in the Community Club.

BUILDER ($2,500 TO $5,000)
Paul, Christine, Paul III and Madeline Soubry
David & Sheila Sachvie
Dave & Diane Johnston

 CONTRIBUTOR ($1,000 to $2,499)
Megan & Ella Moulsdale
Tracy Leipsic & Richard, Serena, Rachael & Adam Buchwald
Stephenson/Bell Family
Walter and Donna Miller In Honour of Lowery Family
Alan & Barbara MacInnes
Cathy King & Bruce Saville
The Horne Family
Arthur Chipman
Doug, Shannon, Abigail & Benjamin MacInnes

SUPPORTER ($500 to $999)
Harry Ethans
Richard Gamble
Buelow-Fisher-Lewis-Shanks Family
The Bain-Moulsdales
In Memory of Herb & Helen White
In Memory of Carol Bain
Scott, Cindy & Paige Reid
Georgie & Orr Brown & Family
Robert Campbell & Joanie Halas
Brian Aikins
In Memory of the Greatest Nana - Brenda Leipsic
Cynthia Webster
The Reid Family
Scott Douglas, Luke & Claire Cockerill

Friend (under $500
Gordon, Nicole, Griffin & Lochlan MacInnes 
Susan Hadfield
Judy Wilson
Lee Dungey
Heidi Streu
Solinsky Consulting
Eleanor Pollock
Dan, Jackie, Maysen, Daelyn, Grady Tinkler
Carolyn & Claude Wilson
John Anderson & Briony Haig
Ed Waggoner
The McCartney Family, Ponemah
John & Kerry Cranstone
Margaret Haney
Pattie Chiappeta Sharpe, Brian Sharpe & Family
Patricia & Leslie Allen
The Tinkler Family
Elizabeth & Laurie Russin
James Gaynor
Donald & Donna Winstone
John & Charlotte Stairs
Jim & Cynthia Slevin
Sheryl Muzyk
Joseph & Sylvia Senden
Aynsley Ward
Mable & Ray Elcombe
Eleanor McClure
Sally Shkut
A friend of DCC
Eleanor McClure
Karen & Brian Shanks
Kristin & Craig Robb
C & C Wilson
In Memory of Christie McDiarmid
Charlotte & John Rendall
George & Carol Prosk
In memory of Doe Doe
JE Minor
Sera & Ethan Shkut
Charles Birt
Doreen Rosaasen
Katherine Gibson
Brian & Susan Sanders
Nancy Stillinger
Doris Yanchishyn
Gordon & Bernice Lawrie
Leslie-Anne Oberding
Dale Platford
Carrie-Lee Oberding
From Geoffrey & Allison Drew
Karen Stuart & Chris Dant
Judith Gunn
Nancy & Ronald Thorne-Finch
William & Dorothy Thorne
Lloyd Bochen
George Thompson
Michael & Rhonda Bird
Concerned Citizen
Valerie & Norman Dopson
Armand Belanger
Ken & Kristin Rutledge
Diana Shapiro
Lorraine Mattock
Carol Storey
CJ McGimpsey
Bruce Ball
Laura Thorne & Warren Hibbert

Builder: $2,500-$5,000

Contributor: $1,000-$2,499.

Supporter: $500-$1999.

Friend: Under $500.

Any questions, please contact us!