Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Village of Dunnottar Age Friendly Advisory Group

Introducing the Village of Dunnottar Age Friendly Advisory Group!  This is a group of citizens that formed in Sept 2011 with the goal of continuing work on making Dunnottar an Age Friendly Community. 
The group has been having regular monthly meetings and is working with a study that showcases the results of a Community Consultation that took part in the Community July 23 201.

The Advisory Group is interested in getting involved with the Dunnottar Community Club this summer so any details will be announced when the summer schedule is figured out.

The Advisory Group wants to get the message out that they active and working on Age Friendly issues, and encourage people to check out their facebook page, and to please contact them for further information and to stay informed!
email contact
and visit the     Facebook Page

If you would like to have the PDF of the Study that details -  please send an email.  I'm not able to post a PDF in this blog website.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Foundation Completed!

Example of Bad Dunnottar Foundation
Example of Good Dunnottar Foundation!
Beth, a visitor from New Zealand  checks out the new DCC Foundation.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Foundation work has begun!!

Its Sunday, just went by the Community Club and saw this! 
Because I'm working in the city all week, it would be great if someone out in Dunnottar could snap a few photos of the work in progress with the crew working when things get going again on Monday!
Please email me and I'll post them.    my email

All photos shot with Dave's blackberry, didn't have my camera today.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Last Week of DCC 2011 Programs

photo by Carla Buelow
Summer isn't over yet -  still having 30 degree weather!  However, its the final week of DCC programs, and the grand finale - Jackpot Bingo on Thursday, August 25th.  The big one!
Good Luck and see you all next year!

Here are a couple photos from recent events:

Carnival!  Acrobatics!
the Dunk Pail!

Travis  is assigned to the "Pie Event"

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sports Day

Congratulations to all the participants and winners at the annual Community Club Sports Day!
Some of the events included foot races, Three-legged race, Horse Shoe competition, and the famous highly competitive Balloon Toss!

Here are a few photos of the event:

Three Legged Race Champions - Four Years in a Row!!

Ben & Joey - 1st Place!
Management Wins!

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Club in Action!

The summer so far has been busy & fun!
This year the summer staff features
Recreation Directors Paula & Ben, with Assistants Travis & Paul.

Saturday July 30 - Family Sandcastle Building at 10:00 am  Milne Beach

Sunday July 31 - Yoga with Nikki 10:00 am Adults
11:30 am Kids all ages

Monday August 1 - Sports Day!  All ages come & compete in races & the prestigious Horseshoe Tournament and the highly competitive Balloon Toss.

As well as all the regular programming, there have been many special events such as the Pancake Breakfast on July 10, a Silver Jewellery making class hosted by artist Briony Haig, an Adult 80's themed dance party, the famous Mini-Canada Games.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Welcome to The Dunnottar Community Club!

The Dunnottar Community Club has been a wonderful part of our village for eighty-eight summers.
The club runs programs for the beach girls and boys of Matlock, Whytewold, and Ponemah & beyond,  throughout the summer months as well as programming for adults and teenagers. 

This website will host updated information and news about the the Community Club and the upcoming campaign to raise money to keep this beautiful heritage building in good shape for current and future members!!!

I'm going to find some good photos of the club to post, and please let me know if you have some nice interesting photos to contribute.  I'll be setting up a heritage photo page shortly.

Please check back soon!